5 Things I Learned about Relationships from Playing The Sims — COLLEGE MATE

Known for its comical mirroring of life, not only did The Sims allow me to relieve stress, but the game taught me a lot of lessons that I took with me into adulthood.

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Football vs Christmas

Yes, its true. I chose football. The Ravens/Steelers game at that. The day that decided who won the AFC North and who was playoff bound. The game that just happened to be on Christmas Day.

My family hasn’t been close this past year so I made the decision for forgo Christmas dinner with them and go to the game with my best friend instead. I switched the days with Sam so I had Joshua from noon on Christmas eve till noon on Christmas since it was a 430 game, 3 1/2 hours from me. He had no problem with the switch so I went for it. Apparently this was the selfish choice to make because Joshua and I should’ve been with family for Christmas. Selfish? Joshua was still with family, his father to be exact. and I was with someone who actually takes the time to check on me, that’s cares about me and makes me a part of her life.

My only regret in the situation was not having Joshua all day and getting to spend his entire Christmas with him. but im glad he was with family and not just a babysitter or something. And we made breakfast together and opened tons of presents. and I even saved some for the following day when he came home =)

I could tell my grandparents were disappointed and upset that I wasn’t going to be there for dinner but the only one who spoke on it was my father. Who waited till I was over 2 hours out of town to send me a text about how nothing should be more important then family and he cant believe he wont see me or Joshua on his birthday and Christmas. Um, im sorry… but im not going to make someone a priority that has been completely absent from my life this entire year. and worse then that, from joshuas life this whole year. Father or not, he made his choices to pretend like his child and grandchild didn’t exist for almost 9 months, so I don’t care to hear how upset he is that im not there on Christmas. He had all damn year.

So anyway, we went to the game. We had a blast, even though my Ravens lost and I was 1 of 3 ravens fans in our entire section. Regardless, we had the time of our lives, met some awesome people and had some real heart to heart conversations on the way back which just made us even closer. My child had the best day ever, I had the best day ever and my best friend had the best day ever.. so as far as im concerned.. Christmas 2016 was the one for the books =)

Mommy Confessions #2

I completely forgot that tomorrow is freakin pajama day at school… GAHH. so I remember, just now.. at 2:36am. Go to get in his dresser and realize he has NO clean pajamas. Now I COULD be super mom and go do a quick load of laundry, stay up the 45 minutes to switch it to the dryer and have a nice clean pair for him in the morning.. but INSTEAD… we are going to wake up an extra 30 min early, go to Walmart and buy a new pair for the day =)

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