Day 6

List 5 ways to win your heart.

1st. I don’t like this one.. I don’t need to give people the ideas of how to be fake to draw me in.. eventually the real  you will always show and you would’ve wasted your and my time.. im not about that life.. but for the sake of this writing challenge…

  1. Understand that before I am a  girlfriend or friend, I am a mother. If I have to cancel plans or reschedule something because of anything related to my child and you give me grief about it, the chances of seeing me again are slim. If you are understanding and respectful I will feel the relief I need. He is my forever, you aren’t a guarantee.
  2. Don’t have the expectations of changing me. Lets be honest, I don’t change for anyone. Im hard headed and stubborn and you wont be able to change that. So if you can love me for who I am, exactly the way I am, ill love you 10x harder.
  3. Show an interest in the parts of my life that don’t involve you. Ask about my day at work, how my kid is, how my friends are doing if ive talked about them.. these are all important aspects of my life and to show in interest in something that isn’t just our relationship shows me you could be around for the long run.
  4. Don’t make it about sex. Let me clarify this.. obviously sex is important in any relationship and a physical connection needs to be a strong one. However, for me to become fully involved with someone I need to know we can just be together, without being together. If we cant make it through a movie without your hands down my pants or if we cant cuddle without you immediately making the moves towards sex, then I wont see a long term thing going with you. Life gets complicated and things happen. I need to know that the person im with, can just spend time with me and still be just as happy.
  5. Be openminded. I hate to argue and to have to prove a point.  Its just not what im into. This means that I need someone who is open minded. I can have a different view than you, a different opinion, different morals and beliefs. Don’t try to “prove your right”, I don’t care. Im 28 years old and have made my choices for reasons. You wont change my views. So respect mine, ill respect yours and we will live happily.

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