a mile a minute. literally.

I really didn’t want my 1st post to be anything super serious but its seems to be the 1st thing that’s really brought me to a point that I wanted to get it out. Thursday I had a doctor appointment with my primary doctor. Nothing was wrong with me, I went because I needed my prescriptions for my sleeping medication and a few other things refilled. My dr wrote out all my new rxs and was about to send me on my way. Then he realized that another dr (an orthopedic) has me taking meloxicam for shoulder pain so he wanted to check some basic stuff before I left. He checked my weight- normal. blood pressure- normal. pregnancy test- negative. checked my heart – wait… something isn’t right. he checked again… yea something def isn’t right. he immediately ordered an ekg. the 1st one looked so bad, he personally did the 2nd one himself. He said I was having severe symptomatic PCVs. He expressed a serious concern that my heart would just stop beating without warning one day. he said that the condition he thinks I have is the one that causes most heart attacks and sudden death in younger people. Im only 28, I  shouldn’t be having to worry about if my heart is suddenly just going to stop one day. I cant imagine someone having to tell Joshua that his mommy is gone. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. I cant let this happen.

so I have an appointment set up on Monday that my friend Jessica is taking me too.. need to get an echo and a stress test to find out just how bad the problem really is. time to be an adult about this and put the steps forward to fixing my problems and being healthy for my son. for my family. for myself.


I will update more when I know something.


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